Elisabeth Kindler-Abali | RE
Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, Elisabeth Kindler, Elisabeth Abali, Lissi Kindler, Lissi Berlin, Tanz Berlin, Tanz, Berlin, Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Moderner Tanz, Palucca Schule Dresden,
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Kompanie / Company: Tim Rubel Human Shakes

Stücke / Works: “Imagine yourself as a gay man dancing on the beach”, “No Beach Access”, We Have (Not), “Excess Study”,  “Homeless Trio”, “Divided World”

Choreografie / Choreography: Tim Rubel

Tänzer / Dancers: Sam Mitchell, Tim Rubel, Will Woodward, Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, Ann Spengler, Svetlana Pivchik, Hannah Westbrook

Fotografie / Photography: Victor Talledos

Dauer / Duration: 70 min

Veranstaltungsort / Venue: Joe Goode Annex / San Francisco, USA



for an excerpt of “Menace” click here:



watch the Homeless trio here: