IMPACT | Elisabeth Kindler-Abali
Elisabeth Kindler-Abali, Elisabeth Kindler, Elisabeth Abali, Lissi Kindler, Lissi Berlin, Tanz Berlin, Tanz, Berlin, Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Moderner Tanz, Palucca Schule Dresden,
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Choreografie / Choreography: Elisabeth Kindler-Abali

Tanz / Dance: Hien Huynh, Elisabeth Kindler-Abali

Musik / Music: The mark & Ilona- Moderat; Satellite Snyper – Pantha du Prince

Dauer / Duration: 9 min

Veranstaltungsort / Venue: SAFEhouse / San Francisco, USA; Masonic Center / Mountain View, USA; SpectorDance / Marina, USA

Residenz / Residency: SAFEhouse San Francisco



Because of many random impacts, our lives and relationships are unpredictable. Impacts influence us such that we shape our beliefs, behavior; go through moments of self-reflection. No resistance stops impacts affecting us. We simply cannot remain still and silent since the change starts in us.